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Train the trainer HRD Corp. As a result, as a HRD Corp Accredited Trainer, your training is claimable to HRD Corp Registered employer.


Training is a lucrative profession. As a result, being an accredited ,Train the trainer HRD Corp gives you the added advantages as HRDF Certificated Trainer is highly respected.


Many Malaysian companies are HRDF Registered and if you are contributing to the HRDF your company can therefore claim back your staff training costs.

Training Career

If you are graduate and wish to embark on training career , you should get yourself certified by HRD Corp. As a result, we will give you the head start as a trainer.

Be a Certified HRDF Trainer.

HRDF Accredited,

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Train the Trainer HRD Corp TTT program emphasizes and guide participants to conduct training effectively, as a result trainings will be a structured effective session plans using appropriate training method. Click HERE to HRD Corp Website

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At Self Love Academy Malaysia the trainer HRD Corp TTT, all our professional trainers are highly skilled and certified. Read our Testimonials here.

Our Training Framework

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Our Malaysia Training Framework is a specially curated methodology to help trainers grasp the secrets of conducting effective trainings @Train the trainer HRD Corp TTT Program.

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TTT Virtual Class

No time to attend a face to face Train the Trainer program? No worries, we are conducting a Virtual Class. You can now do Train the trainer HRD Corp TTT programs online.

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Train the trainer (TTT)

5 Days Virtual Program

Good News ! Now you can obtained your HRDF Certification by just attending our Virtual Program remotely. New Virtual class for the New Normal. Train the trainer HRD Corp TTT Program.

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HRDF TTT Program ?

Checkout the benefits in enrolling TTT Program by Self Love Academy Program. And our testimonials from our participants speaks for itself. Train the trainer HRD Corp TTT Program. Click HERE to HRD Corp Website

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We have programs from consulting, coaching, training and gift items on all self love empowerment programs, wellness programs and motivational programs.


Listen to our past participants sharing and testimonials. Real person , Real Testimonials.

Self Love Academy Malaysia TTT are super easy and fun to follow.

Virtual Training

Unable to attend physical face to face trainings? No problem, enroll in our new Virtual TTT, trainings are conducted online.

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Join our Trainers group discussion and get latest news on trainings and HR in Malaysia and rest of the world.

Professional TTT Trainers

Our trainers have a combined experience and can share extensive experience with our participants.
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Experts at Self Love Academy Malaysia were there to help me and define my goals. My experience was mind blowing!

John Tan

- Participants

HRD Trainer's

Development Framework

HRD Corp has introduced the HRD-TDF to ensure continuous improvement of HRD Corp certified and accredited Trainers. The implementation of HRD-TDF will create a pool of competent and skilled Trainer professionals. This will support the human capital development needs of the nation through better quality and more effective training delivery.

Trainer refers to a Professional Trainer certified or accredited by HRD Corp. Under the HRD Trainers Development Framework, Trainers will be categorised as follows:

HRD Trainer's


Trainers who successfully completed the 5 days HRD Train-The-Trainer (TTT) certification course and certified by lead trainers are recognised as TTT Certified Trainers.

Trainers who successfully obtained an exemption for the TTT course based on certification, qualification or experience are recognised as TTT Exempted Trainers.

TTT Certified or TTT Exempted Trainers who have gone through accreditation by assessment process – evaluated and certified by HRD Corp appointed panels as competent and recognised as HRD Corp Accredited

Self Love Academy Malaysia TTT are super easy and fun to follow.