Karamjeet Kaur, MBA ( Hrm), MBSR, (Phd), Self Love Specialist, Author/Coach/Trainer/Consultant. Her mixed parentage background gave her a different approach towards the essence of life. She has owned a Wellness Homeopathy Centre with her husband/business partner since 2013. She was a single mom for more than 6 years before she met her second husband. She has a daughter from her first marriage. Her life has been much struggled but she never stops believing to keep moving on. Karamjeet has been through bad debts when she was a single mom. She left everything, living her life only a suitcase and a mattress for a couple years to believe that she could reinvent her life after the divorce. She believes that no matter what is happening around her, anything is possible.

With her 20 years of corporate management working life, personal childhood traumas and unsuccessful first marriage has led Karamjeet to love herself more. In 2016, She published her first book Truly Love Me based on her true story on the discovery of the meaning of true love. She is currently pursuing Phd in Management , her research topic is “Self Love Management”.

Karamjeet has dedicated her life to empower and inspire Self Love as it is her calling. She has been coaching, training and mentoring people from all backgrounds for the last 10 years. Her mission is to awake Self Love on Earth. Her books all about being love to self, believing in self and feel gifted to be Alive.

Karamjeet work was featured in 2017 on conjunction Women Day March 8th, 2017. Her World Magazine (Malaysia) has shared her work and Truly Love Me book among other great women in Malaysia. She has been noted as one Malaysia’s most inspiring woman as revealing her Self Love Empowering Work. There many articles on self love have been published by Karamjeet Kaur in a few magazines around the world. She can be googled by her name Karamjeet Kaur Self Love, you will find her amazing sharing of articles and many more.

My humble thank you for appreciation to read above. Till in one Love.

Bless Love

Karamjeet Kaur