Empower Your Immunity with Love Injection

We are love. We tend to project love towards outside by thinking we are receiving love from outside then only we are loved! Well, we are love which is we do projecting or attracting as we have for self with others and environment.  I have come to an understanding that Love is the Injection for creating awesome immunity within. The strength within develops as we learn to love ourselves unconditionally. There is saying that medical treatment in any form works only 20percent but the rest of 80percent depends on the individual. What is the 80 percent about? I have been doing my researched over the years for my well-being. I found out words, thoughts, belief, willpower, strength, determination, non-giving up attitude, broadminded and being very flexible within is recommended for self love immunity. The inner love projection with attraction of being whom and what we are to self is by loving the self fully, completely and truthfully.

What is loving ourselves with immunity about from my perspective? Loving self is about being unconditional in total joy, forgiveness and loving state. Disease is dis-ease of inner self is uncomfortable with the environment and emotions imbalance. When we are not comfortable or unease within, we give a space to adjust to heal but it does NOT comes as wholeheartedly. Therefore the suppression of immunity begins within. The body cell reacts to the vibration mode of human awareness of all senses. If we not loving, happy or peace with self, then we giving much “uncomfortable, stress, negative vibration mode” to our organs, cells etc within us. The disease began to work more powerful. Therefore it is important the body and mind is relax, ease and joy mode to ensure the disease disappear. The body is formed in a language of love. It is not formed as language of stress, negatives as we currently provides to our body.

If you want to know about how does cell reacts to love ad fear, I recommend look for PHD Cell Biologist scientist from USA, Dr Bruce Lipton. I highly recommend watching his videos or resources on sharing his work. This would help you to understand my sharing on love on immunity. I am so thankful that there is a Medical Doctor who is finally confirmed on the reaction of love and fear. I have been on this journey of loving self in 20 years. There is much research work on myself to aware the power of Love. Yes I can 100%percent sure that Love is Immunity Injection at first core willpower for any healing required.

My book Truly Love Within is about true love of self possibilities. Chapter 11 – Immunity Connection Within which in states about love and immunity within. I have shared my personal health experiences in this chapter. My immunity comes to core root of unconditional love.  Therefore we accept, approve and acknowledge ourselves no the challenges we face. We are love to first hand to self that empowers the immunity strength within. When our thoughts, believe, words and feelings is in 100 percent of love within, the Miracle begins. We are the Power maker to our Immunity. My life has been rollercoaster where I have always projected looking out for Love. So it has affected much on my immunity. I discovered its miracle ability within as I work on loving myself more.

My life has change as I wanted to commit suicide many attempts. I seek for an answer to change my path. YES! I got my answer. My story is in Truly Love Within. Do get a copy if you wish to know more. Here I am sharing as I stop projecting for seeking “out” for love then I started loving myself completely. I have begun to more aware of my weakness and strength. I stop looking or feeling down at self. I practise daily on think the thoughts that make my life vibrant and colourful. New Believe Thought Patterns comes in that change my whole life. I use to think my life is black sheep or nobody loves me. I was getting projection of old believes. I used to believe sickness was common thing because I seen much death and Illness in family. That is the belief I use to hold. Thru learn to love myself, I become prone to aware the thoughts, feeling and words I hold which makes me happy, healthy, loving and positive. Slowly I started changing my inner belief of I see or feel about diseases. I stop thinking that I unable to change my DNA believe patterns. I believe that my health is my responsibility. I am living in this body. I respect what is given to me therefore it is my duty to ensure I find ways to keep my body and mind going well. This is the 80percent I am emphazing about.

There Impossibility word will never occur in our mind as we love ourselves in constant moment. Even it does, there is always another feeling comes with knowingness there is possibility. Our immune is about love within. How do we carry our self in day to day in our living life? Just feel that as our mothers had carry us for nine months of love. She was always aware of her gentle love, food, sleep and values her of growing baby. Our journey grew of love, patience and good immune reflects to that inner love. I have always encouraged practising the patience of living life which keep our immunity so love and value. Never takes things for granted. Always give time to self, indulge it with love and our cells respond to that love we have. Keep saying to self every moment these 3 powerful “I love You” to self, you will see the magical world of Magnificent Being Who You Are!

Thank you

Blessings of Love

Karamjeet Kaur, MBA (Phd)

Self Love Specialist