Introducing Self-Love Academy

Self-Love Academy is an experience of learning

Knowing who You Really Are is the most important goal in your life. Awaken the Genius Within is a guided educational journey where you rediscover your Authentic Self and learn how to be guided by its’ wisdom.

Self-Love Academy has 4 Advantages

Your hive of tools, techniques + teachings to help you thriving in your personal life and reaching your highest levels of happiness.

Hello Self-Love Workshop


Join this one-day workshop to get a taste of Self-Love

methodology and tools, experience a unique form of

communication and dialogue and add new skills to your

professional know how.

Creative Self-Love Workshop


Get ready for 2 energetic days of diverse techniques for

different target audiences, and a creative practice tool.

Creative Practice is your golden ticket to become

a part of our facilitation team. Take your first steps

as a Self-Love facilitator and pay it forward to your group.

Expert Self-Love Program


This is a chance to get a deep understanding of the Self-Love

method and learn to speak our language fluently while

experiencing a life changing professional & personal journey.

Turn your expanded knowledge into meaningful business

opportunities and enjoy wider Facilitation options

in the Self-Love Academy.

Master Self-Love Program


Master Program dives deep into the Self-Love DNA

as a brand, as philosophy, as way of life.

This is an uplifting experience of climbing up to

the top of the mastery mountain of Self-Love facilitation.

The Master journey explores identity, presence,

leadership, performance and a true calling.

Our Dream team of Master facilitate our prestigious

Self-Love Program worldwide and become a professional

authority in their group.

Building Peaceful Empowering Community


Self-Love Academy turns knowledge into profit.

The academy is life changing! It's changed my life, it's changed the lives of All...
Are you ready to change yours too? New modules drop monthly!


You will have access to new video content around the three pilars of the academy – business, mindset and manifestation.


You will receive an on-theme workbook each month. This includes prompts and tasks to help you in your learning

Exclusive Members Lounge

You will have access to our exclusive lounge for additional trainings from me as well as meeting other members who are also mums in business on a smilar journey to you.

Live Online Group Training

Each week there will be a live session in our exclusive member lounge where you have direct access to me to ask questions and learn even more.

Guest Experts

In our exclusive member lounge, there will be frequent guest expert trainings sharing even more life changing tools and techniques.

Embark upon a journey

Expand your observation and knowledge while participating in an ongoing personal and professional journey.

Expand your business opportunities

Make the most of the Self-Love Academy facilitation options, teach,
learn, make a profit.

Join our amazing tribe

Become a member of our global professional community, form long lasting connections with beautiful people around the globe, share knowledge, be inspired.

Hi, it’s nice to meet you, we are Self-Love Academy

We create innovative tools and training for professional and personal development.

Our tools use the powerful language of today’s world, the language of photos, that inspires and provokes the mind. Professionals around the world use our tools to create meaningful communication in various settings, gain insights and have a real impact on people’s lives.


Self-Love Academy was founded by a creative entrepreneur

– Mdm Karamjeet Kaur